Toadsuck Chapter

Toadsuck Chapter
P.O. Box 2494
Conway, AR 72033

To Request Toadsuck BACA Help:

Call HELPLINE (479)310-5868
E-mail: Toadsuck BACA CLT


Chapter Contacts:

President “Bigun”
Vice President “Bonz”  
Treasurer “Artist”
Secretary “Tazman”
Security Officer “Skid”

Child Liaison Team Leader Hillbilly

Merchandise “Books”


Meeting is 2nd Sunday 2pm at the Faulkner County Extension Office, 844 Faulkner, Conway, Ar. 72034

About our name:

If you are not from Central Arkansas you are probably wondering where our funny name came from. Our name comes from a local park, Toad Suck Park, on the Arkansas River where in the old days boat men drank at a tavern there until they swelled up like toads waiting on the river level to rise so they could continue their journey on the river.

For the last 20+ years, Conway has had an annual arts & crafts fair, carnival (rides for kids), & free concerts festival called Toad Suck Daze. It also includes a toad race for kids. Click here for the official Toad Suck Daze website

So we adopted the name for our chapter so people in Central Arkansas know what area we are from. We made Toadsuck into one word for kids and people not familiar with the Toad Suck area history.

The Toad Suck Daze festival is featured on all the Little Rock TV channels news for all 3 days as it is a big thing not only in Conway but for all Central Arkansas. It was the most known and defining name for our area around Conway.